Merry Christmas!

So that’s a wrap – the pink door has closed for the final time this year.  Thank you very much 2023 for wonderful knitters you sent my way, allowing my little biz to chug along nicely in our 10th year.  Slightly different this year and both scary and exciting was the launch of this website.  I’m very glad we did it and it has introduced me to some wonderful, skilled, kind and supportive knitters who I would not otherwise had the pleasure of knowing, but we are and will remain primarily a local bricks and mortar destination to look, feel, ask and explore.

Introducing people to these crafts never gets old for me, and I’m blessed to learn as much as I teach from all my lovely customers.  Learning any craft is to give yourself the gift of some ‘me’ time, an excuse to pause in the middle of a hectic day and make something beautiful in the process.  There is nothing so well received as a handmade gift and I’m thrilled to think that my shop will have played a small part in some delighted and warm gift recipients this festive season.  

I hope you all have a lovely break and spend time doing something special for you.  While the shop may be closed, the website will be open and dispatching orders and although I’ll be taking a Facebook break, I’m always here if anyone wants to send me a message or have a bit of a chat.

Thank you all sincerely for your friendship and support and as my children have recently introduced me to the joy that is Baby Guiness, it will be socks only for me.

With love, Rachel x

Yarn bundles at sitting knitting store

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