Welcome to Sitting Knitting

Welcome to Sitting Knitting

…and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Rachel and, as you can see from the photo, Sitting Knitting is a local yarn shop just outside Sutton Coldfield that I was delighted to open in September 2013. 

I am a lifelong knitter, having been taught by my mother when I was very, very young and have crocheted for probably 20 years so it’s true to say that there is never a day that goes by when there is not some kind of wool-craft project in my hands and on my needles or hook. 

This website is a new adventure for me but it will give me the opportunity to reach out to more makers, stock more gorgeous yarn and talk about knitting more so it’s all good!

The Sitting Knitting Shop in Birmingham
Inside the Sitting Knitting Store
Range of Yarn in Sitting Knitting Store

Our Extensive Yarn Choices

As you will see as you browse the yarn section of the site, I’m a lover of natural fibres and choose to knit with wool whenever possible.  In my opinion, there is nothing quite like the feel of natural fibres on beautiful needles and it is what, for me, makes knitting such a relaxing and rewarding hobby. 

We also stock a great range of alternatives for when wool is just not going to cut it – for example our fabulous baby yarns keep customers coming back time and time again for quality, washable, soft yarns in beautiful colours for their precious new arrivals.

Yarn Selection in Sitting Knitting Store

Unique Knitted Gift Ideas

Knitting is not the craft it once was – we’re less frequently making the school jumpers and bed socks of yesteryear but are instead using our craft as both a source of mindfulness and relaxation and as a way of creating unique gifts for loved ones. 

In my experience, nothing is so well received as a hand made gift, sometimes including the small quirks and imperfections that means that it came from us and only us, and that we treasure the recipient enough to have spent our valuable time on creating something that we thought they would love rather than the more common and oh so tempting ‘add to cart’.

Knitting for mindfulness

Personally, I am a process rather than a product knitter.  I am always undoubtedly delighted with my fabulous new jumper or pair of socks but the joy for me is in the making rather than the finishing – the process, the challenge, the colour, texture and soothing almost hypnotic action that has had me hooked for the majority of my life. 

For me, to create is to ‘win’ every day – a confidence boost, a self-soothing few minutes in the middle of a hectic day bringing an inner calm that is very necessary in the fast paced world that we live in.  I still own garments, blankets and bits and pieces that I knitted and crocheted years ago and they’re like old friends – a bit worn, a bit ‘lived in’ but more comfortable and no less treasured than they were when they were new.

Knitted Blankets

My Knitting Background

Knitting Techniques

Customers frequently comment, “so you must know everything about knitting?” to which my answer is a firm and definite no/nope/no way etc.  I would never set my stall out as the woman who has the keys to the kingdom of knitting and knows every stitch and cast on, technique and yarn blend but I have been doing it for a long time and have produced an awful lot of stuff!  I stick to the yarns and garment types I like, I know what works for me and what doesn’t and there are plenty of things that I just don’t do (or even know how to do).

Knitting to me is a hobby and an escape and I don’t feel the need to pad my knitting cv with 48 different cast offs and every stitch pattern known to woman or man.  I love the fact that there’s always something to learn and, in my 10 years of owning the shop, I’ve undoubtedly soaked up far more crafting knowledge than I’ve imparted. 

Knitting is not what I do but rather who I am – a passion so ingrained into my life that I would be absolutely lost without it.  It brings to me a satisfaction and inner calm that I have only found in one other hobby – running – but knitting is more relaxing, far less sweaty and you can drink tea and eat cake while you do it. 

Knitting With A Cup Of Tea
Different Colour Ideas for Hat Project

Join Our Community!

As well as the website we have busy accounts on both Facebook and Instagram and they are both great ways of reaching out.  If you’re a bit stuck with something that you’ve purchased from me or are unsure about your next project, get in touch!  The best part of my job is talking through options, sizes, colours etc and I’m always happy to take a couple of extra pictures of potential colour choices and send them over. 

Sitting Knitting Workshops in Store

I very much hope that the website becomes an extension of the shop and, if you don’t live near the Midlands and are unable to visit us here, you come to feel part of the ‘family’ of fabulous shop customers who have become friends over the last nearly 10 years.  Customers frequently comment that I have the best job in the world and they’re absolutely right – every day I laugh more than any normal job allows and get to share in customers’ pleasure and pride in their makes. 

If you’ve always thought that knitting and crochet are crafts that are not your cup of tea and are witchcraft or rocket science and way beyond your skill set or patience level, maybe take this as a sign to rethink and give one of them a go – you might just fall in love.

Rather Be Sitting Knitting Bag
Yarn bundles at sitting knitting store

We Love To Chat!

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