Hand knitted love

So that’s that for another year.  The paper crowns are in the recycling, the balloons are looking a little on the flaccid side and the cat has a very exciting selection of Christmas toy boxes to sleep in.  I hope you enjoyed the day if only for the fact that it was a break from routine and a chance to sit down, guilt free, and watch some rubbish on tv.  My Christmas evening consisted of a spirited game of Monopoly (my God, my younger son is a ruthless, money grabbing, merciless, property stealing megalomaniac!) and catching up with the third part of the return of the David Tennant incarnation of Doctor Who.  Blimey it was marvelous and my knitting needles actually stopped moving for the very exciting conclusion but I did manage to finish off my beautiful Rustling Hedgehog socks as a nice little present to me before the day was through.

It’s funny how the very old joke about socks being the absolute pits of a present carries no weight whatsoever when they are of the hand knitted variety, and I’m sure all your thoughtful knitted gifts got as enthusiastic thanks and praise as mine did.  If you’ve never got round to tackling this most relaxing and rewarding of knitting projects, 2024 could just be the year to try.  Rx

Opal Rustling Hedgehog socks
Sock love chart

Yarn bundles at sitting knitting store

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