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  • stitch markers – a knitter’s best friend

    I’m having a lovely time with two jumper projects at the moment – a dk number for me and a handsome aran woolly for a friend.  Both have a form of cable but are coming along really quickly probably due to a few adaptations that I always use for my knits and here they are:…

  • The Worst Profanity of All

    Wrong (dictionary definition) – not correct or true; incorrect.  Unjust, dishonest or immoral I recently posted a little video on the Facebook page of me crocheting, you may have seen it.  I do this periodically because people are fascinated by the way I crochet and I know it encourages people who’ve yet to master it…

  • The Man Woolly –  A Journey

    So, it’s done.  The man woolly, nearly 30 years in the making, has enjoyed its first skinny latte with an extra shot.  Taking slightly longer than anticipated (it was supposed to be finished before Christmas), it’s been a labour of love overlayed with a layer of stress that I never experience when knitting for myself. …

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