Never thought the Day would come!


So it’s finally here …. the day that I thought would never come …. the dashed hopes of over 20 years finally dispelled …. the moment I’ve been doggedly campaigning for …. the Chartered Accountant has finally agreed to me knitting him a jumper 🥳

To say he requested one would be an outright lie but my campaigning has been subtle “look how beautifully soft Croft is, I’ve worn this next to my neck all day and it feels like I’m being caressed by angels’ wings”, my telling him he’s being deluded has been hardly noticeable, “Isn’t it funny how you make out that all wool feels like a combination of cacti and loft insulation yet you love all the wool scarves that I’ve made for you – funny that” and finally “for your birthday I refuse to wrack my brains to spend money on yet more stuff that you don’t need, don’t want, won’t wear and will clutter up the house – why don’t I knit you a jumper?” and it appears that finally, I have prevailed.

Ever prepared for this moment, I whipped a handful of desirable patterns out of my knitting bag with a sleight of hand that Paul Daniels would have envied and after lots more cajoling, we appear to have a winner🙏 (honestly, you’d think I was offering dental surgery not a beautiful hand knitted jumper).

I’ve had my eye on glorious Svenson ever since the pattern was released so I’m a very happy bunny. The combo of a Jared Flood design and my beloved Croft will make for hours of happy cabling and with my usual few pattern tweaks (long body, short arms, wide neck to accommodate His Royal Itchyness and any other demands thrown at me) I shall knit this with joy in my heart knowing that this is a birthday present that will most definitely stand the test of time. Watch this space ❤️🧶❤️

Yarn bundles at sitting knitting store

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