Scrap socks

No such thing as waste

Or how to transform the mundane into the magnificent

Scrap socks
Scrap cushion
Scrap blanket

With the man jumper in progress, it’s now time to think about a side project.  Just a mini, portable dalliance that will not take my attention away from the man-woolly but will give me a nice distraction when a concentration knit is not the thing.  Obviously – socks.  Already a couple of pairs on the go but they seem to be permanently shop-based as our beginner’s sock kit is always a best seller so demonstration is frequently required.  So for this new pair I’m going to do something that I’ve been meaning to do for ages – scrap socks – and longer too!  I can no longer stand the indignity of negotiating this current cold snap without a fabulous pair of colourful knitted socks popping out of the top of my boots.  Mine to date have all been sensibly short, leaving lots of fabulous leftovers for other makes.  But not this pair, a good couple of inches will be added to produce the desired effect.

And on that note, when you’re a maker you obviously produce or are left with an awful lot of leftovers and odds and ends but they are quite the opposite of waste.  They are the opportunity to create something completely unique and unrepeatable, a hotchpotch masterpiece that will be coveted by many.  Probably the most admired make in the shop is a scrap blanket – containing only leftovers from my illustrious sock making adventures – tiny balls and bits, insignificant alone but truly mighty when brought together.  It is truly remarkable how something we may have considered waste can create something of such beauty.  So, if your sock knitting career starts right here ….. look forward to creating an heirloom blanket that will be treasured for years to come (with a pair or two of scrap socks to boot!)x

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