Sitting Knitting Patterns – Beginner’s Toe Up Socks




This is a simple toe up sock pattern suitable for your first sock knitting adventure. The clear instructions, handy hints and videos will make your first sock knitting experience a pleasure and you will soon be hooked! Three sizes are given – the first size (a 60 stitch sock) is suitable for the average sized female or small adult foot and the second and third sizes perhaps more suited for people with a large or wide foot or perhaps a high arch (this will obviously depend on the tightness of your knitting). Use the measurements as a guide and bear in mind that an advantage with toe up socks as opposed to socks knitted from the top down is that it’s somewhat easier to cast off loosely than it is to cast on loosely. This means that someone who struggles to get a sock on because of a high arch or larger heel ends up knitting a larger sock just so there are more stitches in the rib. A toe up sock allows for a nice, snug sock and a rib that is super-stretchy and therefore easier to get on!

I’ve added the more tricky instructions and some tips and video links into the body of the pattern (in pink for clarity – type the link into your browser) as well as at the beginning, as I find it easier to read the relevant information when and where you need it rather than having to turn back to the start of the pattern! Sock knitting can be tricky and fiddly but it is not difficult. Before you knit your first pair it’s really quite difficult to understand how, with one ball of yarn and a very long needle, you’re going to be able to knit a seam-free sock that actually fits. Just throw yourself in and trust in the process and very soon you’ll be a sock genius and churning out pair after glorious pair.


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