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Yeah! Our Brand New sitting knitting online Shop

Introducing the Sitting Knitting Online Shop

So, not only do we have a shop but we now have a website for our online knitting shop. 10 years in the waiting, rather than the making, I doggedly refused to go www for all this time as I viewed and still view myself as a high street warrior; a defender of personal service over add to cart, a martyr on the altar of local shops with actual human beings being pleasant, and the last line of defense in the battle for the good old, “I’m popping out to the shops” as opposed to “can you go to the door, it’ll be DPD again”. 

But progress is progress and as it became clear that I had built up enough shop custom to have the best of both worlds, a website was the way to go and it’s finally here. 

What to expect

Those who know the shop know what to expect, and for those far flungers who I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting, this is what we offer.  Lovely stuff that will be a pleasure to knit with and will make a successful and stylish garment with the required degree of longevity – that’s it!   Our stock may not be huge, but it is well considered. 

I know that whatever you buy from me is going to work, not result in wasted effort or money and, with patience on your end, result in that “did you really make that yourself?” feedback that allows us craftsfolk to have that little preen that we so love. 

Help and advice

Help and advice will only be a message away too.  I love, love, love sticking my nose into other people projects and am always happy to help whenever I can.  Colour choosing is another winner for me and any time you’re stuck and in need of a bit of inspiration, I’ll be more than happy to help. 

I’m a big fan of Ravelry as a forum for independent designers to showcase their wonderful work, and I’ll be highlighting lovely patterns whenever I see them as well as taking every opportunity to show off whatever I’m working on.  As for the website itself, it won’t be the most comprehensive you’ve ever seen – sorry. 

I’ll be sitting knitting

It’s been painstakingly set up by two wonderful people who’ve slaved away to get it up and running and I’m thrilled to bits with it.  I’ll be eternally grateful but unfortunately they had one huge impediment – me!  I’m sorry to say that anything tech simply bores the pants off me so I wasn’t the most cooperative client and I won’t be constantly refreshing and updating the site or looking for new and clever ways to make it look sexy with all the latest bells and whistles – I’ll be sittingknitting!  So anything that you can’t find, not sure about or need to ask about – please do (and I can ask them ha ha). 

…. And Finally

I’m sure I’ll get more proficient with practice and before you know it this site may very well run like a well oiled machine. So that’s about it for blog post 1.  I shall keep these coming as talk about knitting is probably what I do best and I hope you talk back too – because knitty chat is the best chat.  Thanks for visiting, thanks for listening and thanks for being a crafting warrior – the world needs us!

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