The Worst Profanity of All

Wrong (dictionary definition) – not correct or true; incorrect.  Unjust, dishonest or immoral

I recently posted a little video on the Facebook page of me crocheting, you may have seen it.  I do this periodically because people are fascinated by the way I crochet and I know it encourages people who’ve yet to master it and have been left frustrated, as I was, to try again.  In a nutshell, I crochet the way that I knit, holding the yarn in my right hand rather than my left, which enables me to make very beautiful things without the horrible hand ache that I used to get when I tried to hold the yarn in my left.  These videos always get a big response – many people grateful to see a way that may enable them to master and enjoy crochet.  Another common response is from people who’ve always crocheted this way but don’t advertise the fact because they were told it was wrong!  Is that wrong for making beautiful things??  Wrong for trying to master a new craft in a way that they find comfortable?? Wrong for trying to find something calms them after a stressful work day or the general trials and tribulations of life.  Maybe wrong because according to The Crochet Rules of 1975 (agreed and signed in a secret bunker somewhere in the Swiss Alps, I understand), which dictate that the left hand is the yarn holding hand and anyone flouting this regulation should be subject to punishment, including public shaming, pointing, tongue clicking and ‘you never saw that in my day’ etc, etc. 

Is this the way we crafters want to come across?!  I have been a shop owner for a little over 10 years and, aside from buying a Caribbean island, my reason for opening was to pass on our beloved crafts to anyone and everyone who wanted to learn.  I said at the time, ‘When I die, and all the Grandmas die, who’s passing it on?” and in my humble opinion, something that has given me such joy, pride, comfort, solace and relaxation is something that I’m passionate about sharing with others.  In my time of Sitting Knitting, I’ve learned more than I’ve ever taught, taken pleasure in oohing and aahing over skills that I’ll never truly master and taken enormous and everlasting pleasure in the rich variety   that make up our crafts.  Let’s encourage where we possibly can share our passion with all.

Yarn bundles at sitting knitting store

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